August Garden Chores

August Garden Holidays

August 1-7: National Farmer's Market Week
August 3: Airplane Crop Duster Day
August 6: Farmworker Appreciation Day
August 21: World Honey Bee Day
August 27: World Daffodil Day
August 29: More Herbs, Less Salt Day
August 31: National Diatomaceous Earth Day


Things You Should Do In August
As summer winds down, August generally means doing garden chores that you've been holding off for sometime. It's also the best time to start prepping your garden for the fall season. Whatever zone you're in, read on below to find out what you need to do this month.

Mind the Weather
Heat waves and humid climate are common this time of year, so be sure to do your outdoor gardening sessions when the weather is tolerable.

Watch Out for Pests & Diseases
Pests such as slugs, spider mites, tomato fruitworms and snails are common this time of year. Inspect your plants regularly for any unwanted bugs. Get rid of dead and diseased leaves as well to avoid infecting the rest of the plant.

Mulching is Key
Mulch is valuable in keeping the weeds away. Apply a good layer of mulch to the areas in your garden that need it. You might also consider adding a layer of compost if you want more nutrients and less moisture evaporation in your soil.

Harvest Regularly
Some veggies such as zucchini are fast producers - you'll want to harvest them regularly, otherwise they'll become tough if you leave them on for too long. If you find yourself overwhelmed by your harvests, you can always share them with your friends and neighbors. You may also consider home canning to preserve your harvests.

Save the Best Seeds
Don't forget to save the seeds of your best harvests, as well as rare varieties you've grown in the summer. This way, you won't have to get new seed packs for the next season.

Grow Heat-Tolerant Flowers
Want to see more flowers in your garden? You can still grow heat-loving species during this month. Zinnias, hibiscus and pentas are some good options.

Give Your Plants A Good Haircut
Encourage more blooms and healthier leaves by pruning back your flowers. Geraniums and other early bloomers also appreciate a good pruning to help them grow more leaves. Herbs also need a nice cutting to encourage growth.

Give Your Citrus Trees A Boost
Citruses are known to be heavy feeders. They could really use some organic fertilizer especially after you've harvested the last batch of crops. 

Plan Your Fall Vegetable Garden
Now is the time to think about fall gardening. List down the specific plants that you're interested to grow. Some autumn favorites are lettuce, kale, chard and broccoli. Begin planning your fall garden layout as well, remembering to rotate crops to improve soil fertility.