December Garden Chores

December Garden Holidays
December 12: Poinsettia Day
December 19: Holly Day
December 19: Look For an Evergreen Day


Things You Should Do In December

It’s a very peaceful time in the garden, but there are still some essential tasks that will require your attention. View our December garden chore list below to maintain your garden and property this early winter.

Remove Leaves
Regularly remove leaves whenever you can this season. Take them out of your lawn, driveway, deck and similar areas but do keep the leaves in your garden beds since they give shelter to beneficial bugs. Watch out for wet leaves as they could leave stains.

Try Trench Composting
Simply dig a trench in your garden, add compostable materials and cover with soil. Kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags, spent plants, weeds and the like are great for this purpose. Trench composting is very low maintenance so there’s no need to look after it like a usual compost pile—just leave it and let it break down during winter and you should have a nutrient-rich area to grow your plants come spring.

Keep Working on Your Garden Soil
Add compost, leaf mold and other nutrient-rich matter to your garden beds if you haven’t done so already. They provide amazing nutrients so incorporating them into your soil now is good preparation for spring gardening.

Store Seeds Properly
Seeds should be stored in airtight glass jars and kept in a cool, dry and dark place. Proper storage will allow your seeds to stay viable for years.

Order Seed Catalogs
Winter is the perfect time to get cozy and pore over some seed catalogs. Many popular seed brands offer free catalogs so go ahead and request to have them delivered to your mailbox.

Let Your Houseplants Rest
Water houseplants less frequently and postpone fertilizing until springtime. Clear dust from their leaves as well so they can take in more sunlight during this dormant season.

Check Hard Landscaping Elements
Keep taking notes of any creative gardening ideas you may encounter. Planning next year’s garden will be so much easier when you have a reliable journal to guide you. With the garden now bare, it’s much easier to get a closer look at your overall property. See if your fences, paths, retaining walls, decks, outdoor furniture, water features and other hard landscaping elements are still in top shape.

Keep Your Tools in Good Condition
While your garden is inactive, it’s a good time to check on your gardening tools. Make sure to give them a thorough cleaning and oiling, and store them in a dry area.

Don't Forget the Birds
Refill your bird feeders and bird baths regularly to help our little friends cope with the harsh cold season.

Write Down Your Thoughts On This Year’s Garden
Now that the gardening season is over, it’s time to look back on your year of gardening. What successes did you find rewarding, and what new lessons did you learn? Which aspects of gardening did you love most, and which ones did you enjoy least? Write down your thoughts in your garden journal. Your honest feedback and creative ideas are essential for planning next year’s garden.