November Garden Chores

November Garden Holidays
National Fragrance Month
Vegan Month
November 1: World Vegan Day
November 10: Forget-Me-Not Day


Things You Should Do In November

November is all about completing essential garden chores before winter arrives. Raking leaves, mulching plants, putting away tools, moving outdoor furniture, storing hoses and the like. It’s not always fun but the sooner you can get these things done, the more equipped you’ll be for the next season. Keep reading to get the November garden chore list for all regions.

Keep Raking
Continue raking your autumn leaves and use them as mulch, leaf mold or compost. Leaves are super rich in organic nutrients; they supply food to beneficial organisms such as earthworms, which in turn aerate the soil by burrowing through it, and create tunnels that help improve drainage. Regardless of how you use your gathered leaves, make sure to shred them so they can break down more easily in your compost pile and leaf mold, or be used as mulch around your vegetable or flower garden.

Make Some Leaf Mold
Leaf mold is what happens when you allow a pile of leaves to decompose overtime. It’s basically like composted leaves, a wonderful source of organic matter for your garden soil. You can make leaf mold simply by putting shredded leaves in a plastic bag and poking holes in the bag to allow air to circulate. It will take some time but once it’s broken down, you will have a valuable soil conditioner for free!

Amend Your Raised Bed Soil
Add nutrient-rich matter such as compost and leaf mold to your raised beds to prepare them for spring gardening.

Store Your Garden Hoses & Tools
Time to disconnect and store your hoses to protect them from freezing temperatures. As for putting away your garden tools, be sure to clean them thoroughly first and oil them to give them a longer life.

Update Your Garden Journal
Keep taking notes of any creative gardening ideas you may encounter. Planning next year’s garden will be so much easier when you have a reliable journal to guide you.