Beginner Composting Guide: What to Compost and What Not to

Composting is one of the fundamentals in gardening, as you’ve already known. But for the starters out there, the essence of composting lies in the usage of all-natural and organic materials. Using organic matter is absolutely necessary in order to keep your soil healthy and produce better crops as well.

Some of the best organic items you can use for composting are coffee grounds, fruits, leaves, tea bags, vegetables, and yard trimmings. But there are also stuff you should avoid adding to your bin such as bones, charcoal, eggs, pet waste, and walnut branches.

If you’ve got an item that you’re not sure about, the safest option is to not put it in your compost heap. You should also refer to this basic list of compostables from Wisconsin Engineer to help you decide. Just remember to follow the right ratio of greens and browns so you can come up with a perfectly balanced compost that your plants will surely love!

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Image Source: Wisconsin Engineer